The African Wild Dog is known by many names including Painted Dog and Cape Hunting Dog. They are one of the most successful predators in the World, though sadly they are an endangered species, with around just 6,000 individuals remaining.

This detailed original artwork was created using coloured pencils. The size of this artwork is 16 x 12".

With thanks to the Photographer Mauritz De Villiers for the use of his image.
Price: 560.00

Giclee prints of "Essence of Africa" are limited to just 25. The first 5 prints have been donated to the Remembering African Wild Dogs Kickstarter.

Giclee prints are of the highest quality, produced from the original, beautifully coloured artwork. The size is the same as the original artwork, 16 x 12".
Price: 60.00

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Essence of Africa
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