Kabu is one of the rescued Elephants we met when we were at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Thailand. Sadly these rescued Elephants are left with mental and/or physical disabilities from previous 'owners' but their beauty and forgiveness is immense. At ENP all the Elephants are free to do what they want to do, whether to wander, bathe, eat or play. Each Elephant also has their own dedicated Mahout as a companion. There was some really bad weather when we visited and these Mahouts slept for a couple of hours at a time to make sure the fires, keeping the Elephants warm didn't go out during the night. In addition to the Mahouts, the Elephants are free to form friendships and herds, no working, no tourist rides, no tricks, no paintings, they are free to just be. There will be more Elephants of ENP to come.

Here is Kabu's story from Save Elephant Foundation:-

Kabu (it is common for hill tribe people to sometimes have a problem with Thai pronunciation, as they have their own native language. Her name is actually Kham Boon which means Golden Merit, but she is known as KABU.) was born around 1990. She arrived to ENP very late on September 22nd 2015. Her mother was a logging elephant. She had to go with her mom while she pushed and pulled logs. At two years old, a log rolled out of control and struck Kabu, breaking her front left wrist. It healed badly and left her very handicapped. Despite this, when she was old enough, she was also put to work in logging doing light labour. She was also subjected to forced breeding. Kabu had two babies, neither of which she was allowed to keep for very long. One was a bull, who died soon after his spirit was broken. The other a female who was sold into the elephant show industry.

Since Kabu had to over use her right front leg to carry her weight, it has also grown very deformed. To gaze upon her, fills you with pity… until you see her move. She gets along quite well. She has lived with this handicap for her entire life. She has dignity. She does not let her injury hold her back… She does not feel sorry for herself. Do not feel sorry for her. She is a survivor!

Kabu was Highly Commended in the The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year 2017.

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Elephant Nature Park - Kabu
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